Project Description

From the start of the project’s ground breaking to it’s completion, our agency was tasked in executing PR outreach to all Asian Medias and develop strategic marketing plans to keep the Asian communities informed on the progress. With the expansion completed and in Grand Opening stages, our team invited and coordinated a historic Asian Media Day event to announce the Grand Opening and Touring of the new facilities. With over 120+ Asian Media outlets in attendance from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Thai and Armenian segments, this event’s press coverage generated over $700,000 in media value alone!

Agency was confident that with Pechanga’s commitment to Asian Market Outreach and our relationships with Asian medias would ensure a good turnout for this event. But after sending out invitations and receiving overwhelming responses of outlets attending, we had to advise Pechanga to move the original avenue to a much larger floorplan to accommodate the media attendees. Also due to the amount of TV coverages, there was a need to build platforms to situate all the camera crews to have better access.

For this Welcome ceremony, agency had invited 4 celebrities to emcee the event on stage. It kickoff with each emcee speaking in their native Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog dialects in welcoming the Asian Medias. Tribal and Property leaderships were then invited to detail new expansion amenities and the whole Asian Marketing team was introduced on stage. The ceremony concluded with the unveiling of an ice sculpture of the Asian logo and a toast from leaderships to the Asian media attendees.

A buffet luncheon followed and was served to over 200 guests and property teams with different Asian delicacy dishes. Our agency then coordinated a property tour for the attendees and concluded with celebrity photo op with the emcees at the pools in the Cove! The media turnout of over 150 people was believed the single biggest gathering event for Asian Medias!