Project Description

Agency challenged ourselves in 2006 to create a special sparkling wine that would dazzle the imagination and we have accomplished that with Blanc de Bleu. Our team visited and talked to over one hundred wineries until we finally found the right one that shared our quality and vision. We traveled all over the world to source the finest craftsmen to partake in designing this beautiful bottle and packaging.

Blanc de Bleu had an amazing launch in Japan in 2009 and was ranked #4 top selling champagne/sparking wine in 2010. Not only was it served and carried by ANA, it became the private labels for Tiffany & Co because of its unique blue color.

We have also promoted and sponsored the wine throughout Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China), such as…
• Shanghai Fashions Week
• Hotel Fortune & SOSO City Bar Launch Ceremony
• Blue Magic Party at SOSO City Bar
• Shanghai Audi International Car Racing Circuit Series
• Alan Tam’s Concert Celebration
• Grasshoppers’ 25th Anniversary Concert Press Conference
• Raymond Lam’s Concert Celebration
• Wong Jo Nam’s Talk-Show Celebration and other HK Movie Promotions.

What started out, as a challenge to create the world’s first blue sparkling wine is now a reality. Blanc de Bleu is a delicate sparkling wine reserved for memorable celebrations. SC Enterprise is proud to present Blanc de Bleu in all of the magical moments.