Project Description

To promote our client’s property as an entertainment and resort destination, agency created content to have Asian Medias produce in-language advertorials to showcase Pechanga Resort Casino’s Asian dining and restaurants, Asian Host Team, as well as all the new amenities after the property’s expansion.The first advertorial was done in 2016, which focuses mainly on the different restaurants and their popular dishes. Each TV stations had created their own TV program specifically for the advertorials. These advertorials cover languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese and Tagalog. Agency was able to garner 6.4 hours of advertorial airtime, which is equivalent to $1.6M in total media value.The second advertorial was done in 2019, which introduces the property’s new amenities. The one was done a little different than last time. We had invited celebrity Asian hosts and influencers to share their experience to their followers. As these celebrities are quite well known in their Asian communities, it had created quite a bit noises. The celebrity hosts/influencers also help share the behind the scene filming photos and advertorial clips on their social media platforms so it can reach out to more audience and viewers – especial targeting the younger generation. Aside from these advertorials, agency has also asked the Thai, Japanese & Armenian TV station to run some infomercial segments with our client’s b-rolls and press release, covering all Asian languages this time around. With a remarkable outcome, we have garnered 23 hours of total airtime and $2.7M in total media value.