Project Description

The purpose of this press conference held on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 was for Pechanga to formally announce their much anticipated resort expansion and its features with a ground breaking ceremony to the public through media coverage. Agency was tasked to invite the Asian Medias to attend this event and provide event coverage and interviews with Pechanga Tribal leaders and Representatives. It was Agency’s objectives and goals to not only present to the Asian Markets the future expansion of the property and its eye opening features, but also to take this opportunity to introduce the Tribal leaderships & Officials to the Asian Communities. It is also our hopes to expand on the ongoing marketing promotion of Pechanga being awarded the #1 Best Casino in the US by USA Today through interviews with Marketing VP and Asian Host teams.By attending this Ground Breaking Press Conference event, Asian Medias were able to see first hand the upcoming expansion features of the property. With the press conference came more knowledge of Pechanga’s history and continued mission to excellence, couple with the ceremonial “first digs”, Cake Masters’ cake presentation and interview sessions with Marketing and Asian Reps, this all makes a very interesting story for the medias to present to their audiences. In fact, Asian Medias not able to attend due to other obligations and holiday season events, have requested Agency to share event photos, in-language press kits and b-rolls so that their outlets can provide their audiences with this event coverage. Agency was able to garner over 70+ editorials from Asian Medias for this event including 29 TV outlets with total airtime of over 75 minutes! Total Media Value exceeded $400K just from the Asian Medias!With Pechanga recently being Voted the #1 Best Casino in US for 2015, followed by a extremely impactful marketing campaign by Pechanga in announcement of this distinguished award from USA Today’s readers (a well known nationwide media outlet), to receiving numerous public Congratulation messages from Corporate, Community and Media partners, this resort expansion announcement no doubt will further enhance Pechanga’s commitment to continue to being the Best Casino & Resort property destination in the market.