Embroidery is a brilliant pearl in Asian art and a popular décor piece for ancient emperors. From the magnificent Dragon Robe worn by emperors to the popular embroidery of flowery in today’s fashion, it adds so much pleasure to our life and culture. Embroidered fabrics have always been considered a symbol of luxury and wealth, and also revealed the power of the highest palace.Every embroidery design has its own symbolical meanings, and it has always been inspired by religion, culture, or festival. Only kings can wear Dragon embroidery, for its prestige, competence, and wisdom. With that in mind, Pechanga Resort Casino has chosen this design and concept for their 2020 Lunar Year Greeting. Patrons and guests who step feet in Pechanga will feel like they are being treated like a “King”.This campaign first rolled out on the property’s collectable players card. It was also printed on festival bags that were given out at the Lunar New Year festivals. Then it was showcased at our supermarket banners, 30 sec. video for TV and OOH LEDs, full-page print ads, digital online banners and social media platforms. Last but not least, agency also produced a LNY greeting EMC in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and English for the Asian Hosts to sent out to their VIPs and guests.