2021 is the year of the Golden Ox, which is predicted to be a luckier and better year. This beatiful line art design is combined with many detailing of red and gold. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes good fortune and joy. It is the color of happiness used strictly for celebrations; whereas, gold symbolized wealth and prosperity. Together, they are used to spread the message of good fortune and prosperity for everyone in the year 2021. The main element of the design – ‘The Ox’, showcases dominance and power, giving the new year a sense of safety, strength and health.

This campaign first rolled out on the property’s collectable players card. It was also printed on $8 commemorative chips with matching Year of the Ox red envelopes. Then it was showcased at our supermarket banners, 30 sec. video for TV and OOH LEDs, full-page print ads, digital online banners, social media platforms, and used as a decor motif for the highlimit area on property. Same as previous year, agency also produced a LNY greeting EMC in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and English for the Asian Hosts to sent out to their VIPs and guests.