During the Tết season, the Asian Garden Mall will also host its annual Flower Festival from January 3rd – January 23rd, 2020. The free Flower Festival is open daily and draws thousands of people each day to shop the collection of exotic flowers, trees, and gifts and experience amazing food from several vendors. The Festival celebrates the tradition of decorating homes to welcome the Lunar New Year and bring luck into the household. Many booths sell varieties of lì xì – or red envelopes – used in the tradition of giving money to children to welcome the new age on the first day of Lunar New Year. Fresh fruits, trays of dried candies and roasted seeds, and other red and gold adorned decor are used in various Lunar New Year traditions as well. As you snack on Vietnamese favorites and sweet treats throughout the day, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the rich culture and festive atmosphere unique to Westminster. A firecracker ceremony was also held on January 24, to start the year with a “bang” and ring in the good luck.